Highland Dancing

The beauty, skill and dedication of the Highland Dancers is a crowd pleaser. The Hororata Highland Games is one of the largest Highland Dancing Competitions in the South Island and dancers come from throughout New Zealand to compete.

The Highland Dancing competitions are sponsored by:

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Why should you enter this event?

  • Perform in front of a large and jovial audience
  • Experience a range of other Scottish events
  • Fun for all the family
  • Unique winners’ medals and the highly sought after Champions Trophy up for grabs

Adjudicators 2019:

Mrs Annetta Cowie (Clyde), Mrs Jacqueline McBride (Dunedin), Mrs Kylie Allison-Miller (Wellington),

Emergency Adjudicator : Mesdames Cushla Piesse or Colleen Cole

2019 Competition Details

Open: Highland Fling (Centre Championship), Sword Dance, Highland Reel (South Island Championship), Irish Jig (Single Time) (South Island Championship)
Under 16 yrs:
Highland Fling, Seann Triubhas, Reel O’Tulloch (South Island Championship), Irish Reel (Centre Championship)
12 & Under 14 yrs: Sailors Hornpipe, Irish Jig
Under 14 yrs: Highland Reel, Sword Dance (Centre Championship)
Under 12 yrs: Irish Jig (Centre Championship)
10 & under 12 yrs: Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Sailors Hornpipe
Under 10 yrs: Sailors Hornpipe (Centre Championship)
8 & under 10 yrs: Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Irish Jig
Under 8 yrs: Highland Fling, Irish Jig, Sword Dance
6 yrs & Under: Highland Fling, Irish Jig
Novice*: Highland Fling under 14 yrs
Restricted: Highland Fling under 14 yrs 6 steps (restricted to dancers who have never won a Most Points Award)


Each competitor will receive a voucher for $20 off a pair of Forsyth Shoes, to be redeemed at Gannaway, New Zealand. Read more about Forsyth Scottish Dancing Shoes.

The Hororata Highland Games competitions will be run under the Rules of the Piping and Dancing Association of NZ Inc.


Conditions of entry:

Competitors will report to the dancing board prior to the 9.00am time of commencement (subject to the number of competitors).

Competition Format and Event Number: All competitors must produce proof of current membership when uplifting a number. Dancers compete at their own risk. Order of events will be circulated following entries closure.

All fees must accompany entries. No late entries will be accepted.

In the event of unfavourable weather conditions, the competitions will be held in the hall.

2019 Entry Fees:

  • Open events $5.00 per dance (CWC Championship $5.50, SI Championships $6.00)
  • All Under 16  $5.00 per dance (CWC Championship $5.50, SI Championships $6.00)
  • All Under 14 and Novice events $4.00 per dance (Championships $4.50)

Note: Music fees included


Placing Open U16 U14 U12 U10 U8
1st Place $35 $35 Medal Medal Medal Medal
2nd Place $20 $20 Medal Medal Medal Medal
3rd Place $10 $10 Medal Medal Medal Medal
4th/6th Place Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal
Grade Winner Sash Sash Sash Sash Sash Sash

Note: The number of prizes to be awarded is dependent on competitor numbers; i.e. 3rd place- 7 entries; 4th place- 10 entries, 5th place – 20 entries; 6th place – 30 entries. Highly Commendable and Very Highly Commendable ribbons will be awarded for each dance.

Centre Championship first place getters will receive a Sash in addition to listed prizes.

South Island Championship placegetters from 1st-3rd will receive a sash in addition to the listed prizes.

In the event of insufficient entries for a championship, entries will be accepted on the competition day for the event concerned at the original fee from dancers already entered.

In the event of a tie for Most Points (Grade Winner), Rule 13 will be applied and aggregate marks assessed. Most Points within classes and Most Points overall will receive a sash.

Most points within Classes only shall be carried forward to Most Points overall.


Entries close 18th October 2020

To enter complete the online entry form, one form per competitor. Please where possible make payment by internet banking (see account details on form). All competitors will be issued tickets and you will need these to enter the event. Your supporters will need to purchase their tickets either prior to the event or on the day.


This event runs wet or fine. We have wet weather contingencies.

Order of events will be emailed to competitors following the closing date and published on this website. Follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with all entry information.

All competitors will receive a ticket to the event. Remember to purchase your discounted supporters tickets!

Your supporters can purchase tickets online

Disclaimer: By entering this competition or event I agree to hereby grant the Hororata Highland Games or the Piping and Dancing Assn NZ the right to use my name, image, photograph or video captured performance in connection with this competition. This includes granting all rights to either bodies  to reproduce, edit, exhibit or otherwise exploit my name, image, photograph, picture or video tured performance in whole or in part, in any media  publication, associated website or materials of other associated publications.