Introducing the Hororata Community Trust

Introducing the Hororata Community Trust

The Hororata Community Trust (HCT) was registered as a charitable trust in August 2011 with the purpose to help rebuild and promote the community following the September 2010 earthquakes. The HCT’s role is one of bringing the community together to help it recover, emotionally and physically, from the earthquakes. The HCT recognised the need to help the community find direction for its future.

The HCT covers a large geographic area, from the Hororata Village to Coalgate, Glentunnel, Glenroy, Windwhistle and Lake Coleridge.

The Hororata Highland Games was established as the main fundraising focus for the HCT but also to give the community a positive focus.  The brief for the Games was to establish a quality event, which offered all the traditional elements of Scottish Highland Games surrounded by a fun filled festival that engaged the community.  Run by a volunteer committee, the Hororata Highland Games has been held successfully for the past six years.

The motivation behind the Hororata Highland Games was not only to raise money; it was also to raise the profile of the area and its local businesses so the benefits are felt by the community throughout the year. In the first year (2011) the event brought the community together and gave people something positive to focus on while dealing with the aftermath of the Canterbury Earthquakes.

Through the establishment of the Games the HCT was able to develop other revenue streams including the Hororata Whisky, Tartan Club and Hororata Tartan.  The Whisky and Tartan were developed with support from international companies who wanted to help the community. The HCT provided the structure for this support to have a long term strategy.

At present there are five Trustees: Richard Lang (Chair), Mark Stewart, Dee Innes, Ainsley Walter and Dr Olive Webb.

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